Tips & Advice

Packing Tips

Drawers can be left loaded with light weight, non-breakable items.
Use our packing paper rather than bubble wrap for china and glass.
Use bubble wrap for large vases, ornaments and small pictures.
Leave large pictures and mirrors in place until moving day when the removal team will wrap and protect them.
Use large laundry bags for cushions, duvets, pillows, bedding and other soft furnishings.
Empty the fridge on removal day butfreezers can be left loaded for local moves.
Always use plenty of tape to secure the bottom of boxes - do not inter-link the flaps.
Stack loaded boxes neatly away from furniture and doorways where possible.
Use a permanent marker to label the boxes on the tape showing the room they need to go to in your new property.
Do not use the tape to seal doors and / or drawers on your furniture - the removal team secure them on removal day.
Take pictures or colour code cables to televisions, computers, DVD players, Sky boxes and other elctrical items before disconnecting.
If possible put remote controls in the drawer of a unit in the same room.
Use dustbins or wheelie bins to hold garden tools, brooms and mops, sharp side down.
Rolls of wrapping paper, walking sticks and large umbrellas (spike down) can be packed in garment boxes.

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